The Mobile Cone 600

crushing plant is a diesel powered hydraulic driven plant comprising a hopper with plate feeder and hydraulic motor driven cone crusher. It can be used in conjunction with a primary jaw crushing and screening plant on site as well as independently.


The mobile unit is fitted with Tasman Cone crusher CC600 Model

Standard Head for Product Size 12!25 and Output 40T/hr or

Short Head for Product Size 3!13 and Output 12-23T/hr


 Number of cylinders  6
 Bore / Stroke  102mm / 125mm
 Displacement  6.12 L
 Compression ratio  18
 Maximum rated speed  2500 RPM
 Power rating  
 Highly intermittent  operation  118 kW @ 2500 RPM
 Maximum torque  550 Nm @ 1600 RPM

HYDRAULIC SYSTEM is used for the reciprocating plate feeder and hydraulic motor to drive the cone crusher.

 Main drive coupling  CF-11-30
 Main pump  3.5PB75/2PB26/2PB13.8
 Pilot operating relief valves  Crusher!HCV 33TP16 RVGA  LCN
   Feeder CHCV 332TP12 RVEA LAN
   Conveyor!HCV 332TP12 RVEA LAN
 Feeder plate reciprocating valve  CETOP.5
 Feeder plate ram  Super S 4 ̄x 2 ½ ̄x 8 ̄
 Conveyor motor  ARC 400 NC32
 Crusher motor  HIC 55S LM 2R
 Crusher gear box  PD 1020/MR1/3.08/00
 Suction strainer  Daewoo 290-5
 Check valve  1 ̄  0.5 Bar
 Return filter  RTF 600/10
Hydraulic tank capacity 950 L
Hydraulic oil type HYD. 68

CRUSHER LUBRICATION SYSTEM consists of lubrication pumps driven by hydraulic motor with filtering system to lubricate the gears and the main bowl bearing of the cone crusher. It also serves to dissipate the heat generated during the process.

 Hydraulic motor  2MRB11.3
 Lub  pump  2PB22.5/d
 Lub pressure  0.08  ~  0.25 Bar
 Lub pump flow  32 L/Min.
 Suction filter  Size 90  60 m Washable type SOE 10/60
 Suction screen  Metal  120 m
 Oil pressure light  At 0.1 Bar
 Oil temperature light  At  60<C ~ 70<C
 Relief valve setting  3 Bar
 Lub flow to crusher  Manual via ball valve
 Lub oil type  Hyd. 68
 Lub oil capacity  1700 L
 Lub filter  

MECHANICAL SEAL WITH COMPRESSED AIR SYSTEM consists of good quality mechanical seals which prevent ingress of dust particles into the main bowl bearings and at the same time a steady flow of compressed air serves to blow away the particles from the bearing area. This has the advantage of not having problems created by water entering the lubricating system in water seal arrangements and resulting in bearing and drive failure.

 Motor  2MRB11.3
 Pump drive  D90/GR2
 Air  Compressor  Ingersoll Rand
 Air  Compressor model  SS-3