Mobile Jaw Crushing & Screening Plants with Electric Drive

are ideal where electric power is easily available, and due normal care required for electrical appliance is taken. They are simpler to maintain because they do not require diesel engine, Hydraulic pumps, piping and oil tanks.

THE TASMAN JAW CRUSHER has a steel fabricated structure fitted with anti-friction bearings [mainly spherical and cylindrical roller], hydraulic components and conveyor belting from reputed makes.

The plate feeder feeds on to a Vibrating Grizzly Screen. The top has grizzly bars at 100mm** distance through which material less than 100mm falls through to a screen with mesh 40x40**. Material which is less than 100 but more than 40 is fed on directly to the output conveyor as it is of the required size. Thus unnecessary material does not go to the jaw crusher which now receives only big size stones for crushing. The material which is less than 40x40 falls on to a 450 wide side conveyor. The plate feeder is driven by hydraulic reciprocating cylinder driven from a hydraulic power pack driven by electric motor.

The main 800 wide output conveyors can be folded and therefore can be easily moved from site to site, with practically no set up or dismantling time.
** made as per customer¡¯s requirements